Back a few chapters: In the late 1950’s, Grethe Nielson and Niels Knudsen are young lovers in the wake of World War ii. Grethe is a nurse and Niels, a friend of her older brothers’ is often found climbing through her window in the nurses’ residence to come and woo her. Their romance is sweet. They marry and decide to leave native Denmark in search of new worlds, perhaps Canada or South Africa. They honeymoon all through Africa arriving in Southern Africa during Apartheid. Because of their skin, finding work is easy and soon they have a car, rent a house and Grethe is pregnant. Over the next 4 years, they have 3 girls, Birgitte, Marianne and Annette. The young girls, each with dotted freckles and platinum blonde hair grow up in South Africa, they lie between dew-studded flowers and pine trees on the foothills of table mountain and as teenagers, they move to Durban for Niel’s new work post.

Steve and Marianne rehash.1982, Marianne is 8 months pregnant when the couple drive cross-country for 3 weeks to Capetown via the Coast line, stopping to fish and sightsee. In Capetown, days after arriving, their daughter is born. Nurses usher Marianne out of the shared ward and into a private room, whispering that she has no idea what the other women might do to her and her baby now that they have seen who the parents are.  The trio returns to Durban. At oneTara is constantly trying to get into Steve’s home studio and explore the cables at their large Sydenham Road commune. Marianne tries to keep her out while Dan Kapuja and his band members record. At the same time a locksmith who has been called by the upstairs tenants see all these Rastafarians at the house and suspects a break-in. By the time Marianne lulls Tara away from the power-plugs and to sleep the police arrive. She answers the door and Dan Kapuja’s band members quickly get to work switching from music to acting. with their newspaper parcels in hand, they mock wash the windows while the madam show the police around. interrogation proves to be confusing to the police who on sightseeing the house with Marianne and Steve are both times taken to the same room and shown the same sleeping baby. Peeved at the lack of break-in they leave. 

In 1979 Marianne Knudsen is 19 and in her 2nd year of studies as a fine artist. Her best friend has overindulged and has the greens. Marianne helps her up the stairwell. She is halfway up and 36-year-old Steve, who is hanging out with some student friends, is halfway down. They catch each other’s eye and as each reaches the end of the stairs, they turn around to take another look at the person with whom they will end up spending their life. Because of Apartheid people are throwing house parties rather than going out to clubs and it is at one of these that Steve and Marianne meet soon again. Of course, one can count on fascists to continually better their stupidity with better stupidity and the National Party implement the Immorality Act. This prompts the mob-squad to be on the lookout for people who look different enough to be a different kind of race to each other getting into bed together. In a move that shifts Steve’s goings ons with Breezy and Bernadette, Steve and Marianne move in together. This prompts the mob-squad to break into their house constantly hoping to find the couple copulating. They bust in one morning and finding a very relaxed household decide to empty the trashcan contents onto the couple’s bed. Marianne’s mother, Grethe, with her nursing history has an iron fist on cleanliness is visiting at the time and her small blindingly blonde figure is found giving the mob-squad a good talking to. Of course -  and luckily, her blonde hair and the mob’s Arian supremist attitude probably save her life. Steve and Marianne are featured in the newspaper many times. The vice squad head actually tells them to "Break-it up. The police would be saved a lot of trouble if the couple simply ended their relationship.”  A letter arrives: “Informer Fataar, If your white kaffir whore and you do not move out, the house will be burnt so that the rats can die.” signed “KKK”. They stay together, with the support of friends who are strong allies. However, after some years, Steve keeps in contact with Bernadette and after a year, ends with Marianne for his red-haired romance, for England and for marriage. When he gets there, Bernadette turns him down; no doubt a girl who feels jilted herself. For the 2nd time, Steve takes the flight back to South Africa.

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